Herculean™ All-Natural Latex Mattress Topper (2″)

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The Herculean™ 2″ all-natural latex mattress topper provides a condensed and springy responsive layer on your mattress that prevents you from sinking into your bed. Its strong and elastic latex core responds back to your body weight, giving your that firm, bolstered and comfortable feeling while you toss and turn throughout the night.



  • 2 inches (5.1cm) of springy responsive latex foam that gives you that added structure to stop you from sinking into your mattress
  • Condensed yet flexible latex that provides the optimal balance between firmness and elasticity, cushioning your weight across your body for a more comfortable rest
  • Porous air cells in your mattress topper that promote airflow, keeping you cool and relaxed
  • All-natural bamboo latex core, keeping allergies and dust mites at bay as you sleep throughout the night.
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Sturdy and Responsive

7/10 Firmness

The Herculean™ provides a layer of support on your soft mattress, giving you that added structure and stops you from sinking downwards, keeping you comfortably bolstered as you are sound asleep.

2 Inches Firm and Springy Latex Layer

No more sinking

Made using the Dunlop Method, the condensed and elastic latex foam provides that extra structure onto your mattress, preventing you from “sinking” into your bed. It’s strong and flexible core responds back to the force from your body weight, giving you that bolstered and supported feeling throughout the night.

Open Cell Structure in Condensed Foam

The Latex topper that does not trap heat

The Herculean™ latex mattress topper is made with open cell structure and air vents that keep you ventilated when you rest. Unlike traditional latex that clings onto your body heat uncomfortably as you stay stationary, the Herculean™ latex mattress topper does not trap heat, while still maintaining its condensed and supportive latex properties.

All-natural latex foam

Say goodbye to dust mites and allergies

Exposure to synthetic latex triggers allergic skin and nasal reactions, waking you up at wee hours of the night.

Our all-natural latex foam originates from carefully selected Bamboo and is made with the highest quality control standards to ensure its hypoallergenic and anti-dust mites properties, giving you that uninterrupted and peaceful sleep.

Less than 10% Price of New Mattress

Protect a new mattress; revive an old one

Protect your new mattress from premature aging, or get more life out of a current one.

It’s just so much cheaper to replace a mattress topper when they wear out.

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All-Natural Bamboo Open-cell Latex Foam, Premium 50 kg/m^3 density


High-thread count fabric

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