Herculean™ All-Natural Latex Mattress Topper (2″)

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The Herculean™ 2″ All-natural Latex Mattress Topper pushes up firmly against your bodyweight and prevents you from getting swallowed by your mattress. Its load-resilient natural latex material keeps heavier parts of your body like your hips securely bolstered so that your back muscles and joints do not have to compensate, which may otherwise cause back stiffness and pain.

For sleepers who prefer to sleep on something rather than in it, float atop the Herculean™ over the calm ocean towards Dreamland.

  • 2 inches (5.1cm) of high-density, load-responsive latex foam supports your bodyweight and bolsters your hips to prevent back stiffness and soreness.
  • Homogeneous latex foam created by flash-freezing Tatalay technology creates a buoyant texture that feels firm but not rock-hard.
  • Air-vents and an open-cell foam structure allow free air exchange between the mattress topper and environment to keep you coolly asleep.
  • All-natural latex foam is hypoallergenic and free of toxic agents, unlike regular foam bedding.
  • Tight cellular matrix resists mold, mildew, and dust mites that cause runny nose and asthma.

Can I try this mattress topper out at a showroom?

SleepWiz™ does not have a showroom for several good reasons:

  1. The feel and support of our mattress toppers vary with your underlying mattress and the ambient temperature of your bedroom. As you’ve often experienced, what feels comfortable in a showroom may not be so in your own bed!
  2. You also avoid implicitly paying for an expensive showroom, which is a huge reason why our prices are so low even though premium materials are used in their construction. This way, you can be assured that every cent you spend goes into the quality of your purchase.
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Supportive and responsive

7.5/10 Firmness

The springy, highly-responsive Herculean™ adds a supportive structure above your soft mattress. This stops you from sinking into your mattress, keeping you comfortably bolstered on its surface whilst you snooze in bliss.

latex mattress topper natural herculean support

Resilient High-density* Latex Foam

Stop sinking into your mattress

Float atop the surface of your bed instead of getting swallowed by a gigantic sponge cake. Responsive latex pushes up against your bodyweight, keeping your hips securely bolstered so your back muscles doesn’t have to overcompensate.

Sleep blissfully through the night without back stiffness or soreness!

* ~70% denser than typical foam bedding

latex mattress topper natural herculean side

Modern Tatalay Foaming Process

Consistent, buoyant support

Unlike older Dunlop technology that produces bottom-heavy, mushy-on-top foams, the Herculean’s Tatalay process uses flash-freezing to create uniform latex foam with consistent load response throughout. The result is a mattress topper that provides buoyant support without feeling rock-hard.

latex mattress topper natural herculean side
latex mattress topper natural herculean top

Air-vents + Open-cell Structure

Snooze cool

Cool temperatures signal your body to sleep. The open-cell structure of our latex mattress toppers allows air to flow freely within the entire layer, and air vents further boost the exchange of heated air with the cooler air of your surroundings.

latex mattress topper natural herculean base

All-natural Latex

Choose healthy sleep

Unlike man-made petrochemical derivatives used in other foams, the Herculean™ mattress topper is made from natural sap harvested from the rubber tree, which makes it naturally hypoallergenic and free of toxic agents.

In addition, its tight foam matrix makes it highly resistant to mold, mildew, and nasty dust mites that cause runny noses and asthma!

latex mattress topper natural herculean base

Less than 10% Price of New Mattress

Protect a new mattress; revive an old one

Protect your new mattress from premature aging, or get more life out of a current one.

It’s just so much cheaper to replace a mattress topper when they wear out.

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All-natural High-density Open-cell Tatalay Latex


Ventilated Polyester

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  1. I’ve never had a latex mattress before, but the Herculean topper is just MAGICAL at distributing my weight! It feels firm but not rock solid, so it conforms to my body somewhat. The experience is like lying on a water bed or air balloon?
    Anyway, it got me feeling really relaxed each night ever since I have it. Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

  2. Was assisted by a patient and knowledgeable service staff, but can’t rmb his name. My latex mattress topper looked a little squished when I first placed it on my bed and I thought it had deformed from the compression in the box. They patiently explained to me the properties of organic latex and why the temporary adhesions happen, and assured me that using it will help to break up the adhesions and restore the latex topper’s volume.

    After sleeping on it for 3 days, the dents have disappeared and I am very satisfied.

  3. Very satisfied with this product and my sleep! It is soft to touch yet firm when lying down on it. Fix my sagging mattress.

  4. Received in good condition! Thank you! Staff were helpful in delaying my delivery until I was back in Singapore.

  5. Fast delivery received in 2 days time by free shipping. Customer service was friendly and quick response in chat. Item quality is fantastic and mattress topper has no weird smell. Will recommend to friends and relatives.

  6. Bot this for my mattress that has become too soft. The latex mattress topper made it more springy but also not too hard to sleep on. Delivery was ok, about 3 days.

  7. Fast delivery. Ordered on 10 February and received in 2 days. However, the deliveryman was moody. Never say anything and just pass the paper for me to sign. If he is not happy, please don’t send things to us.

  8. Excellent service by the customer service who patiently answered my queries a few times about which mattress topper is more suitable and finally received the mattress!…Very good value for money and comfortable mattress!!

  9. Received the latex mattress this morning, opened up and place on super single single bed with satisfaction as the latex mattress fit the single bed dimension perfectly

  10. Fast free delivery and hassle free. 2nd purchase for mother, good quality for price paid. Recommended.

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