In order to avoid raising prices for you in the face of rapidly increasing costs, SleepWiz has decided to cease the 7-Day Free Trial from 1 May 2023. As of its cessation, the percentage of returned orders stands at just 1% of all orders!

This is a digestible version of our 7-Day Refund Policy. Full details can be found in the Refunds Section at our Terms & Conditions page.

Sleep solutions that work

We believe you should actually sleep on a product to decide if you like it. So we give you an entire week to test out our SleepWiz™ sleep aids in your own home. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund.

Can I order the entire range and return what I don't need?

SleepWiz’s 7-Night Free Trial is meant for customers who make purchases with the intent to keep their entire order, after they have conducted research on each product with respect to their desired sleeping surface prior to purchase. If you need product assistance, our experienced service representatives are experienced and eager to help – contact us now! In the event that the mattress topper still doesn’t work with your specific mattress, we offer to facilitate and exchange or your money back so you may get another product that may work.

We strongly oppose retail policies that aim to generate additional sales by sending an enormous range to customers in hopes they’ll keep some. This practice not only disadvantages our customers through higher prices or lower quality to accommodate the additional logistical costs associated, it also generates unnecessary emissions from transport and production, as well as waste of material.

This is especially so for SleepWiz’s mattress toppers: Bulky shipping to and fro incurs a significant carbon footprint that is unnecessary, and the quality and volume of foam in each product also generates significant waste when they’re disposed of upon return!

Such orders may constitute an abuse of the 7-Night Free Trial, which will render the Trial void.

How To Request A Return
  • Request

    a return by filling in the simple Returns Request form.

    You’ll need:

    • 1. Photo of the overall product
    • 2. Your order receipt (from your email)
  • Prepare the item

    Bag and seal the items with their protective wrappers for pickup once your claim has been approved.

    Print out and attach the return waybill sent to you to the package.

  • Refund

    will be made via your original method of payment.

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