“Firm but not hard, and I slept very well from the first night”

I waited 2.5 months for this product to be available, and it was totally worth it. The team kept me updated about the new improvements they were making to the mattress topper whenever I contacted them, as well as regular updates about the predicted date of availability. You can tell that the staff are genuinely interested in the customer, and is trying to put out the best product possible. I had been put on a special notification list, and they finally let me place a back order so that my order can be dispatched before processing and a few days earlier than the rest. While waiting for this Herculean topper, I had actually tried other latex mattress toppers and even bought a new memory foam bed to replace my old one. They all felt ‘off’ and I had to return them all, and I did not have very high hopes for this when it arrived, since it looked very ordinary. However, this is it – the feel is perfect. Firm but not hard, and I slept very well from the first night